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Tree removal

Tree removal in Coalville, Loughborough, Ashby, Swadlincote, Melbourne & Surrounding areas.

Felling a tree is a highly skilled job, which should never be undertaken by an amateur. A skilled tree surgeon can remove a tree safety and with minimal risk to property or the public.

 It is important to weigh up the pros and cons of felling before beginning work. The general rule being that the tree was there long before the house/office/driveway and should not be removed unless absolutely necessary.

Do you need council permission?

Many trees in North West Leicestershire are protected through Tree Preservation Orders. Hefty fines can result in working on a tree without permission!

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Remember, the felling of a tree will remove everything above the ground without damage to chainsaws or soil etc. For stump removal, see our stump removal section.

Dangerous tree removal

The removal of dead or damaged trees from areas considered a high risk is a skilled operation. When a tree poses a threat to people or buildings there is no room for error. Our Public Liability Insurance is for 5 million pounds.

Eden Tree Care have a good deal of experience in handling high risk jobs, often involving traffic control and cranes. We aim to provide a safe working environment for ourselves and our customers which is why we ensure the same dedication is paid to every job, large or small.

If you think your tree is potentially dangerous, always contact a qualified tree surgeon and do not attempt to sort the problem out yourself!

Our catchment area is within 20 miles of our yard, but will travel further on occasion. We hope you enjoy viewing our website and hope you find the information you require. Remember we are hear to help so please contact us anytime!


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