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Crown thinning or pruning in Coalvile, Loughborough, Ashby & Swadlincote

Crown thinning and pruning in Coalvile, Loughborough, Ashby, Swadlincote, Melbourne & surrounding areas

Pruning is necessary for many reasons. Storms can cause damage, or the tree can simply grow too large for the space it inhabits. Without careful pruning gardens can become dark and lifeless and at worse, dead or weak branches may fall, causing injury.

Pruning can benefit the tree by stimulating growth and prolonging life. For example, a damaged branch can provide a home to fungus, which gradually contaminates and may lead to felling. Removing the damaged limbs can return the tree to full health. Fruit trees especially benefit from pruning, since the improved light and ventilation can increase fruiting!

It is important to know what you are doing when pruning, which is why we recommend that work is completed by a qualified tree surgeon. A bad pruning job can look ugly and lead to more serious problems in the future.

Do you need council permission?

Many trees in North West Leicestershire are protected through Tree Preservation Orders. Hefty fines can result in working on a tree without permission!

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Crown reduction

The Crown is best described as the expansion of the branch formation from the trunk. It is reduced by cutting the outer stems to secondary growth points, enabling a natural continuation of the branch from season to season.

The recommended crown reduction (depending on specimen and maturity) is in most cases between 20 and 40%. Severe Crown reduction known as Pollarding is the last resort for trees which have outgrown their environment, or require this procedure due to structural damage and weakness through disease or malfunction.


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