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Protected Trees

Tree Preservation Orders and Conservation Areas are definitely something to be aware of when considering tree work on your property. In both cases it is important that you find out if your tree is protected prior to carrying out works. Be very suspicious of a tree surgeon who does not ask these question during quoting.

A Conservation area can be a row of trees, a street or an even larger area which the council have protected. It is a blanket protection including every tree above a specific diameter trunk (varies from Council to Council).

A Tree Preservation Order applies to a specific tree. As with Conservation Areas the Council will be able to tell you very quickly if your tree is protected. Please note that even pruning a protected tree requires permission so don't carry out any work until you know for sure that you can. Hefty fines can result in working on a tree without permission!

Eden can prepare and submit applications on your behalf to make the process less confusing. A decision from the Council is usually made around 8-10 weeks after submission.

A good tip to remember! before buying a new house, be sure to check if there are TPO's on the trees in your new property, or if you are in a Conservation area. You and your Trees could be neighbours for a very long time!