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Stump Grinding in Coalville, Loughborough, Ashby, Swadlincote, Melbourne & surrounding areas


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Available from £50

What you need to know...

Stumps removed using high powered flywheel

We require a minimum of 25" to get our Stump Grinder in your garden

We can grind out stumps up to 10" deep

What is Stump Grinding?

Stump grinding is a method of removing the main bowl of a tree stump without digging out the root system. We grind the stumps using specialist stump grinding machines which have a large steel wheel with tungsten tipped teeth positioned around it. The wheel rotates at high speed whilst gradually swinging from side to side, grinding the stump out, starting at the top and working its way to the bottom and into the earth.

stump grinding 1
stump grinding 2
stump grinding 3

The result simply turns the stump into small wood chippings and soil without any pulling, ripping or lifting out. Paths, foundations, service pipes and driveways remain unaffected by the removal. With the stump removed the roots remain unattached and should not cause any further issue. If surface roots are found to be raising the natural soil level, we can use the grinder to remove these, just let us know when you contact us.

Grinding out the stump to around 10” below ground level is usually sufficient for most customers to lawn or garden over. Alternative methods of removal, such as winching or using a digger will take out the roots as well as the stump, however there is a high risk of disruption and possible damage to the surrounding area. We can however grind as low as 1’ below the surface should it be required.

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Measure your stump and... Get a free quote Land Rover quote icon we’ll call you back with a price

Narrow Access? No problem!

Terrace house with narrow access entry? Our new Bandit, narrow access stump grinder is only 25” wide so tight squeezes are not a problem. Plus this specialist piece of machinery has all the power of our larger grinder so we can work on sizeable stumps with poor access just as effectively!

Our larger stump grinder at 35” wide is perfect for large stumps with good access and can remove them efficiently and safety. We can grind to depth of 1’ depending on the site surface.

Where does the stump go?

During the stump grinding process, the stump is literally ground into small chippings, which gradually mixes in with soil as we grind below the surface. It is worth noting that we don’t take this by product away, but it can be used to back fill the hole and to mulch the garden, working especially well as a weak suppressant. Please note that we recommend stumps with honey fungus are disposed in land fill to avoid spreading the disease around your garden.

Honey Fungus?

Honey fungus is the common name of several species of fungi with the genus Armillaria. Honey fungus spreads underground, attacking and killing the roots of perennial plants and then decaying the dead wood. It is the most destructive fungal disease in UK gardens. More information on honey Fungus at the RHS.

How much does it cost?

Charges obviously depend on the size, location and number of stumps. As a starting point, complete the form above with as much info as possible and we will be able to give you an estimate, however you should be aware that it is often necessary for us to see the stump to provide an accurate quotation.