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Fencing Services and Fence Installations in Coalville, Swadlincote, Ashby, Loughborough & Melbourne

Looking for High Quality fencing services and fence installations? Give us a call for a Free Quote, we offer services in Coalville, Swadlincote, Ashby, Loughborough & Melbourne 

Why Chose Us?

Eden supply and install fencing to a high standard with our trained and experienced dedicated fencing team. We offer fencing for every budget. Highly recommended local fence company with a super reputation.


Overlap/Feather Edge Panel fencing 

fence featheredge

A sturdy option withstanding the elements. Excellent for creating shelter and privacy.

Waney Lap fencing

fence Waney Lap

A cost effective option, easily replaceable panels. Attractive with the addition of trellis, encouraging climbing plant growth.

Close boarding

fence close board

The alternative to fence panels and posts, having the advantage of no visible post or rails on one side. Great for both security and aesthetics. For sloping gardens, this is an excellent option, preventing the stepping effect caused with fence panels.

Have another fence in mind?



Eden can provide driveway and pedestrian gates, everything from bespoke, domestic driveway gates to budget pedestrian options. Please contact us for further details.

All fences are supplied with or without gravel boards, either using pressure treated wood or concrete castings. As a rule we recommend that posts are the same material as the gravel boards.

This is a very brief description of a subject with countless options, please call us to arrange for free quotation, unique to your own requirements.

Hedge or fence?

It is important to weigh up the pro’s and cons of replacing an existing hedge with a fence. A fence certainly won’t need trimming, takes up less space and provides an instant solution. It will however, need annual treating to optimise its lifespan.

Also think about wildlife; (hedges are a haven for nesting birds and excellent habitats for insects). However, planting a hedge can take years to establish, not a suitable option if pets or children need containing!



fencing 1

fencing 2